The George Institute For Global Health
United Kingdom

Government Recommendations

The Institute regularly submits policy and practice recommendations to health, medical, science and research related government departments.

Recommendation on strengthening Australia’s clinical trials contribution and competitiveness

As an independent not-for-profit medical research institute that manages a major clinical trials research program, the key message of this recommendation is that any “Roadmap for Clinical Trials” must ensure that the health value of the clinical trials conducted in Australia is given at least as much emphasis as the financial value.

Recommendation on the Review of the National Innovation System

Recognising that the architecture of Australia’s existing national innovation system is now a generation old, the Institute welcomed the consideration of medical research as a key strength and source of innovation within Australia.

Recommendation on the Preventative Health Taskforce: Towards a National Primary Health Care Strategy

Australia’s first National Primary Health Care Strategy was tabled for discussion in early 2009. In response to this, the Institute recommended that serious consideration should be given to establishing a national health care innovation initiative.

Recommendation on the National Health and Hospital Reform: A Healthier Future for All Australians

Recommendations on developing a long-term health reform plan for Australia included adopting a rigorous research framework to provide decision-makers with irrefutable evidence about the impact of policy change on critical outcomes such as death, disability and hospital utilisation.

Recommendation on the discussion paper Australia: The Healthiest Country by 2020

The Institute prepared two submissions regarding this discussion paper. The first outlined the role of obesity and its relationship as a risk factor for major chronic diseases, emphasising the need for reliable, large-scale evidence about the efficacy and safety of the strategies for population-wide weight loss. The second highlighted the need for an effective national strategy for the control of population blood pressure, particularly that of salt reduction.