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Gong E, Yu Y, Yang Y, et al. Are medical students confident about preventive counselling for non-communicable diseases? A cross-sectional survey of medical students in China, USA, and Australia [abstract]. Consortium of Universities for Global Health 7th annual conference. 2016;4.
Lindley R, Pandian J, Felix C, et al. Attend (Family Led Rehabilitation after Stroke in India) Trial: Potential for Better Stroke Rehabilitation Access in India [poster]. Asia Pacific Stroke Conference. 2016;42.
Zhang J, Sun L, Liu Y, et al. OS 26-03 mobile device based electronic data capture system in pharmaceutical clinical trial: a feasibility study. Journal of Hypertension. 2016;34 Suppl 1 - ISH 2016 Abstract Book:e247.
Fernandez M, Ferreira ML, Hartvigsen J, et al. Does low back pain or neck pain increase the risk of myocardial infarction? Insights from a prospective longitudinal-based study of Danish twins 70-102 [proceedings]. XIII International Back Pain Forum. 2014:91.
Lee H, M H, GL M, et al. How does disability develop in spinal pain? A review of mediating factors [proceedings]. XIII International Back Pain Forum. 2014:83.
Michaleff Z, Kamper S, Maher CG, Evans R, Broderick C, Henschke N. Low-back pain in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis evaluating the effectiveness of conservative interventions [proceedings]. XIII International Back Pain Forum. 2014:77.
Oosterhuis T, Costa LO, Maher CG, de Vet H, van Tulder M, Ostelo R. Rehabilitation after lumbar disc surgery [proceedings]. XIII International Back Pain Forum. 2014:68.
Alsaadi SM, McAuley JH, Hush JM, Lin C, Williams CM, Maher CG. Sleep quality can influence intensity of low back pain [proceedings]. XIII International Back Pain Forum. 2014:86.
Downie A, Hancock M, Rzewuska M, Lin C, Maher CG. Trajectories of acute low back pain: latent class growth analysis [proceedings]. XIII International Back Pain Forum. 2014:90.
Wu YF. Challenges and solutions in prevention and control of cardiovascular disease in China. The 4th International Forum on Non-Communicable Disease Management and International Symposium on Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control. 2013.
Wu YF. Challenges in prevention and control of cardiovascular in rural China and possible solutions. Chinese Hypertension Congress 2013 and the Annual Conference of Hypertension Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association. 2013.
Ji L, Weng J, Jia W, et al. Design and Baseline Data of 9760 Study Subjects in ORBIT Study [abstract]. American Diabetes Association 73rd Annual Scientific Meeting. 2013.
Wu YF. Feasibility for the use of potassium enriched (sodium reduced) salt, harmful effects and benefits. World Health Organisation and The George Institute Jointly Convened Information Exchange Forum, and Technical Meeting on Salt Reduction and Iodine Fortification Strategies in Public Health. 2013.
Yan LL. Non-communicable diseases in China: drivers, burdens and challenges. Wellcome Trust Frontiers Meeting on the Growing Global Health Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases. 2013.
Wu YF. Reducing salt intake for hypertension control: related evidence and recommendation on strategies in China. The 15th South China International Conference of Cardiology. . 2013.
Wu YF. Research on secondary prevention of non-communicable diseases. The 8th NHLBI-UHG (UnitedHealth Group) Centres of Excellence Semi-Annual Steering Committee Meeting. 2013.
Yan LL. Application of Standard Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Disease in Rural China. Proceedings of the Peking University Diabetes Forum. 2012;61: 10.
Ferreira ML. Burden of musculoskeletal pain across the course of life. Joint Symposium on Current Health Research by the Faculties of Medicine of the University of Sydney and the University of Chile. . 2012.
Shiue I, Zhang JF, Arima H, et al. Incidence of subarachnoid haemorrhage in China: CHERISH study preliminary analysis. World Stroke Congress 2010. 2010;5 (Suppl 2):219.
Li N, Yan LL, Webster J, Dunford E, Neal B, Wu YF. Action on salt and health: An evidence-based advocacy approach to make salt reduction a national priority in China. Proceedings of the World Hypertension Congress . 2009;137(Suppl 1): S127-S128.
Li S, Zhao X, Ba S, et al. Validation of electronic sphygmomanometers against mercury sphygmomanometers at high altitude in Tibet. Proceedings of the World Hypertension Congress. 2009;137(Suppl 1):S19. :S19.
Heeley E, Huang D, Wang J, et al. Economic hardship from stroke in China. Proceedings of the 6th World Stroke Congress and X International Symposium on Thrombolysis and Acute Stroke Therapy. 2008;3(Suppl 1):62.