The George Institute For Global Health
United Kingdom

About us

The George Institute for Global Health is a non-profit health and medical research institute whose mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide, particularly those living in disadvantaged circumstances, by challenging the status quo and using innovative approaches to prevent and treat non-communicable diseases and injury. 

We focus on the global health challenges that cause the greatest loss of life and the greatest impairment of life quality.

The George Institute China is one of the four international centers of The George Institute for Global Health and is located in Beijing.

Building and coordinating a broad alliance between governments, universities, hospitals, and other research organizations across China, the Institute has become a leading health organization in the country, with over 40 full-time staff. It attracts numerous international and domestic visiting fellows and interns every year to participate in its research projects.

The George Institute China has seven research programs - Cardiac and Stroke, Nutrition and Lifestyle, Digital Health and Health Systems, Women’s and Child Health, Diabetes, Trauma and Injury, and Research Services. These programs conduct numerous research projects related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, injury, community health, school health and health policy.

With a special focus on health issues affecting the Chinese population and China’s health system, we aim to help address major health issues in China by translating research outcomes into policy and practice, and providing policymakers with effective, high-impact and low-cost evidence.

Our research is focussed on creating better treatments, better care and healthier societies by:

  • finding better treatments for the world’s biggest health problems;
  • transforming primary health care to support better health for more people; and
  • harnessing the power of communities, governments and markets to improve health.

Download and read more about our focus areas and strategy for tackling the world’s biggest health problems: 

The George Institute for Global Health STRATEGY 2025 (PDF 116 KB)