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Recently, by invitation of Professor Fuster, Chief Editor of 'Journal of the American College of Cardiology' (JACC), the research team of Professors Changsheng Ma and Du Xin of Beijing Anzhen Hospital, and Professors Craig Anderson and Anushka Patel of the George Institute for Global Health, jointly undertook a review of the cardiovascular disease in China and proposed that strengthening the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and capacity building of community health service centers, as the only ways to solve the challenges of the rapidly increasing burden of cardiovascular disease in China.

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From June 10th to 12th 2019, The George Institute China was invited to participate in the inaugural Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia.

Yuewen Sun is a research assistant under the Nutrition and Lifestyle Program. Let us hear her thoughts about preventing non-communicable diseases through the primary school salt reduction program.

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In 2019, the 5th European Stroke Organization Conference (ESOC) was held in Milan, Italy during 22 to 24 May.

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On 18-19 May 2019, the China Conference of Maternal and Child Health, jointly organized by the China Preventive Medicine Association (CPMA), The George Institute for Global Health (TGI) and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), was held in Beijing. With the theme focussed on the entire life cycle, safeguarding maternal and child health, more than 100 domestic and international experts in the fields of maternal and child health, reproductive health, vaccination and immunization, to name a few, attended and presented their research at the conference.

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On April 17, 2019, JAMA Cardiology, an internationally renowned medical journal, published the results of the Phase 3 Clinical Pathway for Acute Coronary Syndrome in China (CPACS-3), led by Professor Yangfeng Wu, Honorary senior research fellow at The George Institute China and the Deputy Director of the Peking University Clinical Research Institute.

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A new treatment for people with diabetes and kidney disease reduced kidney failure rates by a third, according to a landmark study.

Rong Luo is a research fellow at the George Institute for Global Health, China. Currently, she is working on the Nutrition and Lifestyle Program. What are some of her takeaways from her six years here so far? Let’s walk through her story.

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In a time of modern industrial revolution, a move towards more intelligent and efficient and effective models of care has become a consensus in the healthcare industry. SMARThealth, has not only brought about a near subversive change across the whole process of healthcare services, but has provides characteristics of application feasibility and value-add for clients and various stakeholders.

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Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day with different themes and social activities ranging from appreciation towards women to the focus on women’s political and human rights.