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"Our quality research will eventually have a positive impact on health system, and bring wellness to patients."

"I truly believe that our work can improve people’s health and benefit the whole population."

"The burden of non-communicable diseases is soaring because of changes in lifestyle and demographics across China. Disease prevention and control systems in China, especially the primary care system, are relatively weak and a real priority because that is where we can help lessen this burden."

"I feel lucky to have joined The George Institute. I love to compare it to a high-speed train that is carrying health and scientific research over a long distance to tackle the health problems affecting the whole population."

"I love the research work that I’m doing, and believe that my work is very meaningful to people and can bring real impact to people’s health and lives."

Xiaoying Chen is currently working on the ENCHANTED trial, a global public health study into acute ischaemic stroke.

The ‘Integrating Depression Care in Acute Coronary Syndromes Patients in Low Resource Hospitals in China’ (I-Care Study) study has already seen extra benefits in doctor-patient relationships, despite the study being in the first stage of its implementation.

Jing is a research fellow at The George institute for Global Health China. He joined this big family in April, 2011. What does he think about research work? Please check below the Q & A with him.

How long have you been working at The George Institute/George Clinical?

10 years

Xuejun YIN is a research assistant at The George Institute China. She’s been with the institute for over 2 years. For the next 3 years, she has a clear plan--“work hard to become a senior researcher.”