The George Institute For Global Health
United Kingdom

Research and training opportunities

The George Institute has research and training opportunities open to collaborations for visiting scholars and faculty with research background and interests.

Applicants should have certain research experience and in general, they should possess one or more of the following essential skills to work independently or under different levels of mentorship:

  • Initiation of research ideas and proposal writing, bring your own ideas or work on the proposals we are working on
  • Data management and data analysis iincluding training in data analysis, and biostatistics, and at least a basic knowledge of statistical software such as SAS, Stata, or SPSS
  • Research manuscript and study report writing including skills in literature search and review, drafting and critical revisions of research papers or reports
  • Research project implementation and management
  • Stakeholder engagement, communications, advocacy, translation of research evidence to policy (for projects with such elements only, usually requires and experience in public relations)

Descriptions of our current projects are available on our website. For further information regarding research and training opportunities within the Institute or self-funded Sabbatical appointments, please complete the visiting fellows enquiry form and along with a copy of your full academic resume, send it to